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We reported yesterday on Google's announcement that Android M would support deep links that skip the sometimes-annoying app selector prompt. Details were scarce at the time and many were worried that this would shut out third party apps or make it hard to view content with a browser when it might be more appropriate.

If you go to an app from the list within the "apps" section of the system settings, you will see something like the first picture. You can set defaults and decide whether that app should open its own links without asking. If you go to the advanced area instead of selecting an app, you will see the second screenshot. From here, you can view all of your defaults as well as all of the potential app links.

Obviously, you have plenty of ability to customize this new behavior to your liking. For the many users who just want the correct app to open without being asked questions, the no-prompt app links are a big improvement. For the situations where you may not want it, you're just a few taps away from tuning it as desired.

Here's the relevant part (starting at 22:21) of the What's New in Android talk at I/O 2015: