A feature that we first associated with the Pixel Launcher was the wallpaper picker. And since the Pixel Launcher is exclusive to Pixel phones, you might have thought the same would go for its wallpaper feature. Well, in that case, you would be wrong. Google has broken it off into an app called Wallpapers and it is now in the Play Store, available for download on all manner of non-Pixel, non-Nexus devices.

This is the same app, though since updated, as the one that came with LlabTooFeR's leak of the Pixel Launcher over a month ago. It isn't exactly world-altering stuff, but does feature a nice selection of images while also integrating with your phone's wallpapers as well as those provided by third party apps. Wallpapers can also choose a new image each day within each category offered.

For devices running Nougat, the app can also select separate images for your lock screen. This feature is also available on Samsung devices, but not through the Wallpapers app so you will not be able to get the automatically-changing images for your lock screen separately.

You can grab the app at the Play Store or download it and install it yourself via APK Mirror.

Download QR-Code Wallpapers Developer: Google LLC Price: Free